Just War

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In an age of terrorism, guerilla and total warfare the medieval doctrine of Just War needs to be re-defined. Moreover, issues of legitimacy, efficacy and morality should not be confused. Legitimacy is conferred by institutions. Not all morally justified wars are, therefore, automatically legitimate. Frequently the efficient execution of a battle plan involves immoral or even illegal acts. As international law evolves beyond the ancient percepts of sovereignty, it should incorporate new thinking ...
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Jul 08 2014

How to Win a Reporter's Heart

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Like all other humans, reporters are subject to the Law of Reciprocity. When they receive cooperation, they will give cooperation. When they receive loyalty, they will give loyalty. When they receive gifts, they will give gifts. This is a very human norm that is rooted in our collective past, when reciprocity was a tool of survival. And this is why most media outlets forbid their reporters from accepting gifts from the public, especially from news sources. The majority of media ban gifts that ...
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Jul 07 2014

Principles of Citizenship

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"Know your human right" (High profile campaign of the fortieth anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human right). "Human rights and fundamental freedoms are the birthright of all human beings; their protection and promotion is the first responsibility of Governments" (Vienna Declaration and Program of Action 1993). "For our human livelihood, approach to citizenship is the very first instigation" (Coined by Lay Vicheka, 2005). "Live to the best of our dignity", I would ...
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Jul 06 2014

New Arizona Golf Home Site To Be Built

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The Arizona golf real estate team, Team Fore, is in the process of redesigning their classic golf real estate website. The previous website was built on a theme designed by Aaron and Mike on the Real Estate Webmasters servers in the year 2005.  Since then, the site has underdone several redesigns in an attempt to make the navigation more intuitive and user friendly. The current generation of a Wordpress platform will be used to build a foundation from which various niche sites can be built ...
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Jul 05 2014

Using Nevada Incorporation Services to Avoid Costly Mistakes

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/p> Incorporating in Nevada has many outstanding benefits for savvy entrepreneurs who incorporate their businesses in the silver state. However, you must take care in setting up the corporation correctly if you are to take advantage of the tax advantages and liability protection benefits Nevada has to offer. If you are new to Nevada corporations, you will want to use a qualified nevada incorporation service to set things up right from the start. People who try incorporating in Nevada themselves ...
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Jul 04 2014

Budget Airlines Charter Airlines in Canada and Cheap Airline Tickets to Toronto

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Budget Airlines Canada has welcomed Presidents, Prime Ministers, Foreign Ambassadors and the Who's Who of the business world on board our charter flights.  It would be our pleasure to afford you the same friendly welcome!  We have very competative rates for charter airline flights to and from Toronto. We understand no two charter flights are alike, so we have tailored our service to be as flexible as your lifestyle.  If we are unable to immediately offer the perfect aircraft, we are happy ...
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Jul 03 2014


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Copyright The Quipping Queen 2005. GRASS-CUTTING GIZMOS Or, all you ever wanted to know about lawn mowers but never dared to ask By Penelope Bonkles, (formerly of Glutt Lodge in the Olde Country), inveterate collector of grass-cuttings for the compost, amateur slug-stomper, and charter member of the esteemed, "Better Gnomes & Garden Show", held annually in a quaint if not oddly curious hole-in the-wall of humanity known as Hell Hollow, New Hampshire. Cutting grass is generally not something ...
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Jun 30 2014

Gardening is an activity-the art and craft of growing plants

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Gardening is an activity--the art and craft of growing plants--with a goal of creating a beautiful environment. Gardening most often takes place in or about one's residence, in a space referred to as the garden. A garden that is in close proximity to one's residence is also known as a residential garden. Although a garden typically is located on the land within, surrounding, or adjacent to a residence, it may also be located in less traditional locations such as on a roof, in an atrium, on a ...
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Jun 28 2014

Who are the Famous People (and Companies) that Declared Bankruptcy in 2009?

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Do you find yourself wondering who else has been in your position? Who else has suffered through overwhelming amounts of debt and been left needing protection from foreclosure, a solution to credit card debt, and a hiding place from the repo man? You may be surprised to see the celebrity names in the news this year for bankruptcy—and even more surprised to hear about the big companies who also needed to wipe their slate clean with bankruptcy.After a failed entrepreneurial venture, ...
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Jun 27 2014

kids education,meaning of education,indian education,education essay

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Adult education has become common in many countries. It takes on many forms, ranging from formal class-based learning to self-directed learning and e-learning. A number of career sppecific courses such as veterinary, medical billing and coding, real estate license, bookkeeing and many more are now available to students through the Intern Alternative education Main article: Alternative education Alternative education, also known as non-traditional education or educational alternative, is a broad ...
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Jun 26 2014